Saturday, January 23, 2010

Module 1 Reflection

This module has made me think about my role
as an instructional designer in the following ways...

I never realized how much input a teacher has in his or her classroom. As a pre-elementary education major, I have never developed a unit before. I always thought that teachers were handed a manual and were told what to teach and how to teach it. I never had thought of implementing projects or the benefits of project based learning. It sounds naive, but I don't remember doing the kinds of projects discussed in this unit when I was in school. We did some group work, but I hated it because I felt like I always ended up doing all of the work. Now, I see that group work it an opportunity to develop a 21st century skill that will help children when they enter the work force. This module made me think of myself as an instructional designer for the first time. I see that the decisions I make in how to implement projects will affect my students long past the time they are in my class. It is my responsibility to teach students how to think creatively and how to use higher-order thinking skills.

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