Friday, February 5, 2010

Module 2 Reflection

This module has helped me think about using standards, CFQs, or formative assessment in the following ways...

By using standards in the classroom, the students gain insight for the future. They can look on the board and see what they will be studying and review the "big picture". I think this is good because it gives the students vision and they can see what is coming up. I can use standards to keep the class on track and everyone on the same page. By using CFQs, the student's gain insight into how what they are learning in a certain content area relates to what they can learn in a certain unit, which relates to what they will learn for the whole year. This is important because it ties everything together and helps the students see why they need to learn the material and how to apply it. I can use CFQs and standards to make students more excited about learning. Formative assessment is useful because it is different from other testing. It shows how testing is not just fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions. Testing can also be in the form of projects or quizzes that the class takes together. It shows takes the emphasis off of grading and places it on learning (or more specifically, making learning fun). I can use formative in the assessment to see where my student's are and what needs I need to fill.

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