Thursday, April 22, 2010

Module 5 Reflection

This module has helped me think about student
assessment in the following ways...

I learned that assessments and tests are not necessarily the same thing. Prior to this module, I never thought of the idea of assigning a project rather than a test. But, I think this project assessment model could be a great idea if properly implemented into the curriculum. The main focus of the project is that the students understand the material and get the main idea. It is important that the curriculum framing questions are answered or developed upon during the course of the project. If done properly, student assessment can increase higher order thinking skills and technology skills.

A detailed rubric should be created for the projects so that personal biases are not reflected in the student's grade. This rubric should be detailed and specific. It is important that the teacher creates the project themselves so that they know what it entails and the qualities they are looking for in the project. The rubric can be handed out to students ahead of time so that they can assess their projects before they turn them in. Peer review is also important in student assessment. This gives them the opportunity to share their work with their classmates and the opportunity to critique others works and receive criticism of their own work.

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