Thursday, April 22, 2010

Module 8 Reflection

Of everything you learned, what do you think
will have the biggest impact on student learning?

I think that the topic covered in this course that will impact student learning the most is project based learning. First and foremost, project based learning is student centered. Students will not take a back seat in the learning process. They are actively engaged in the learning process. Students are required to think for themselves and make decisions to solve problems that arise. The student will be required to actively think about the concepts presented in class. Research has shown that students using a project based learning system have higher test scores and are more motivated to learn. This can be attributed to the fact that they may find learning to be more enjoyable and fun. Project based learning shows a practical application to the subjects learned in class. This aids student in finding purpose and meaning in learning. When students want to learn, they will be more successful. All students will be challenged to think creatively and dig deeper. Because of technology and group work, students will be better prepared for a 21st century society.

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