Thursday, April 22, 2010

Module 6 Reflection

This module has helped me think about self-directed learners
and the role of differentiation in the following ways...

I think it is very important for students to be self-directed in their learning. By giving the students materials that guide them through the process, the student is able to go through the process independently and make important learning discoveries. Rather than sitting back and observing the learning process, students are able to take an active role. It is important for educators to observe and guide the students through the process. This ensures students do not fall behind and stay on track. The goal of self-directed learning is to encourage and foster independence.

Students have a variety of needs. Some students may need extra help to complete the task. By providing templates and forms, an educator can guide student learning. Some students may need adaptions to be made because of special needs. Adaptions can be made by adjusting the content taught or by changing the project. A gifted student may need to engage in higher order thinking skills by completing a more difficult or in depth project. A nonnative speaker may need to be allowed to use a translator or a translation of a novel into their own langauge. The important thing to remember when grading special needs students' projects is that content is the most important grading factor. Nonnative speakers may have more grammar errors than a mainstream student, but the main grading factor should depend on if they understood the material.

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